Intuorn Hudson, a graduate from the University of York, talks us through a typical day as an intern at Golin.

What I Do
I am an intern in the consumer team here at Golin. There are four interns in total, two in the consumer team, one in health and one in corporate. One month in and I have learnt so much already; I have worked across a breadth of exciting and diverse accounts, e.g Cadburys, Dove, Sainsbury’s and L’oreal, with each day being completely different and varied. I have already gained a real insight into what it takes to become a PR pro and can’t imagine what I will have learnt by the end of the four months!

My Day
9-11: After starting the day with some cereal from the cereal bar and a hearty coffee from the kitchen, I check to see what lies ahead for my day. In order to experience the range of accounts that the consumer team work on, I have a schedule for teams to use to book my time as and when support is required on a particular account or project. This means that every day is so diverse, which I love! My first two hours of the morning may be carrying out research for a new campaign, such as creating a profile on potential talent that will feature.

it’s always great when you see successful coverage generated by the team

11-1: After taking a look back to my schedule, I will probably move on to another account and be doing something completely different. I could be working on the back end of a campaign e.g. perhaps looking out for and tracking coverage from a range of media outlets, or assisting an evaluation document that will be sent to the client. Once a week we also have a ‘Magazine Club’ – a chance for us to review this week’s magazines and scout any potential coverage opportunities. It’s a really good opportunity to understand what particular journalists cover, and it’s always great when you see successful coverage generated by the team.

1-2: There are plentiful options for lunch near the office; this includes the famous Leather Lane market where you really are spoilt for choice. Additionally, a great initiative that Golin offers is the ‘Lunch and Learns’ once a week. These are informal training sessions that are open to everyone and are an opportunity to learn new skills and pick up a range of hints and tips. It also offers free lunch which is a plus.

I might be reaching out to media outlets determining editorial opportunities, or taking part in a brainstorm for a new campaign idea

2-4: Back from lunch, I might be reaching out to media outlets determining editorial opportunities, or taking part in a brainstorm for a new campaign idea. I might then have a quick get together with my line manager to review my time so far and how I am working towards my objectives which I created at the beginning of the internship.

4-5:30: For the final part of the day, I could be sourcing props for an upcoming photo-shoot or creating mail outs that we will be sending out to journalists and key influencers. Or I could be tasked with updating a media list, making sure that all the details are correct and ready for a sell-in later on in the week.

After Work: After a busy day, I might meet up with the other interns after work. Additionally, on the Friday of the week we get paid everyone goes for an after-work drink at the Golin Lion, Golin’s very own pub!

The Golin BYT Internship is a four month placement that will be open soon for applications for the May 2017 intake, so keep an eye out. Golin also offers an initiative called The Unternship, which pays you to take a two month journey of your choice, followed-up by a three month placement. For people who are looking for their way into PR and Communications, Golin is a great place to get your foot in the door.


Intuorn Hudson is a graduate of English and Related Literature at the University of York and is taking part in Golin’s Bright Young Things internship programme


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