Making sense of the public relations tool market
Stephen Waddington, Partner & Chief Engagement Officer at Ketchum

Stephen WaddingtonThe #PRstack community developed as a crowdsourced project to tackle modern public relations tools and workflow.

Public relations is rapidly modernising from publicity to influencer relations, and brands are developing their own media and communities.

The third-party tools market isn’t quite so neat and clear cut. It is characterised by vendors selling tools packed with features all looking for a problem to solve.

#PRstack has sought to address this challenge by characterising the tool market.

The online community has categorised more than 250 tools and produced two books consisting of 48 how-to guides in the following areas.

  1. Social listening and planning – how to identify and listen to a community using the social web and other data sources
  2. Content – creating content as a means of public relations engagement
  3. Curation – curating content on the social web to turn social content into owned
  4. Building relationships online – examples of influencer relations and community management
  5. Example #PRstack workflows – putting tools together to create a complete workflow
  6. Project management and measurement – managing a public relations campaign or any form of project

How to get the complete #PRstack of 48 tools

 You can review all the content on #PRstack website, download both books for free, or buy print copies via Blurb.

#PRstack book one – 90 pages 

#PRstack book two – 124 pages

If you’re interested in exploring this area further and contributing to #PRstack please join our Facebook community.
You can read more from Stephen on his blog.