Name: Jessica Agyeman
University: Southampton Solent University
Course: Public Relations & Communication

Twitter: @jessica_agyeman
LinkedIn: Jessica Agyeman

Why did you choose to study PR?
PR wasn’t my first choice of subject to study, in my first year I studied a fashion writing course but while studying this subject I became more and more dissatisfied so this led me to change my course after a year. I then began a subject search to see what else the university had to offer, I read various different subject descriptions and stumbled across the Public Relations and Communication course.  When reading through it I found myself really intrigued and interested by what the degree had to offer and from that day I’ve never looked back.

What has your course involved?
My course has allowed me to do so many different things from creating podcasts and viral videos to working on live client briefs in which we had to pitch our campaigns. We’ve also had a few marketing units which allowed as to broaden our knowledge in that particular field. As well as learning the basic PR elements such as writing press releases and various PR tools.

What has been the most interesting aspect of studying PR?
The most interesting part of studying PR is working with clients such as Rolls Royce and Coopervision as it has given me experience with working with professional clients and has grown my pitching skills as well as my confidence. Throughout the course we have had to work in groups on various occasions this has been quite interesting as it allows people to work to their strengths where others lack creating a really good pieces of work, although it can be challenging at times it most definitely helps to building team working skills.

I’m hoping to land both agency and in-house experience to help me decide my best fit

Will you do a year in industry placement? 
My course does not include a placement year, but it is necessary to have completed a minimum to 2 two-week placements, which I am looking in to at the moment, and I’m hoping to land both agency and in-house experience to help me decide my best fit.

What are your aspirations for after university?
After I have graduated from university I will most definitely be looking for a career in public relations, I would love to work in a fast paced agency which specialises in entertainment or lifestyle. I just really want to find an amazing company that can help me develop new skills as well as build on pre-existing skills.

I find my peers inspiring

Who is your PR inspiration?
One of my big PR inspirations is the founder of Love & PR, Melinda Lewis, I also find my peers inspiring as they all have a great passion for PR and an infectious drive that I find really motivating.

Which PR blogs, news sites and websites do you read?
I mostly read fashion blogs and entertainment blogs such as LoveBrownSugar, BuzzFeed, and ohmygossip, but when it comes to PR blogs some of my favourites are: PR Week, PR Couture, PR in your pajamas, Hotwire’s blog and Spin Sucks.

it’s all about networking and utilising every opportunity

What are your tips for A level students considering a PR degree?
My top tip for anyone looking to study PR is read around the subject and talk to current and past students to gain a deeper insight into what PR is all about. PR is a very hands on subject, and it’s all about networking and utilising every opportunity to the best of your ability. Get involved, and keep up to date with what going on in the world.


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