150 PR internships, work experience and graduate schemes submission FAQs

Please note the deadline for submissions for the 2019 list has now passed. Below are FAQs for the 2020 list.

What is the 150 list?
In 2015 our editor, Sarah Stimson, published the first ever comprehensive list of UK PR internships, graduate schemes and work experience opportunities. Based on the PR Week top 150 agencies, she researched each one of the agencies and detailed all their entry-level opportunities on her blog.  It was so popular she repeated the exercise in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. It remains one of the most popular pieces on PRcareers so we plan to publish the next list in early 2020.

Who reads it?
The list is by far the most read page on the PRcareers.co.uk website.  There’s no way to know exactly who reads it, but we can tell you that if you stick “PR internships”, “PR internships UK” or “PR graduate schemes” into Google it appears on the first page of results and gets a lot of click throughs from there.  We also push it out hard on social media at the start of each year and it remains on the front page of the website for the whole year.  We get lots of comments from graduates about how helpful it is.

Where can I see previous 150 lists?
The 2015 list is published here.
In 2016 it was published both here and here.
The 2017 list is published here.
The 2018 list is published here.
The 2019 list is published here.

How do we qualify for the list?
You must be listed in the PR Week top 150 agencies 2019.

Does it cost us anything to be on the list?
No, it’s free.

If we’re not in the PRWeek top 150 agencies 2019 list, how else can we get our internships or grad schemes on PRcareers.co.uk?
You can advertise your entry-level vacancies on the job board for just £50 per month.

How can we submit information for the list?
Send details of your grad schemes, internships, apprenticeships and work experience opportunities to sarah@prcareers.co.uk.  It would be useful for you to include:
– The duration of the placement or grad scheme
– Application criteria and deadlines
– The pay (unpaid internships and work experience placements will be flagged, and not in a good way. You should read our piece about the law around unpaid internships and work placements.)
– Any benefits on offer
– A brief description of what the person in the role will be doing
– A link to any further information on your website

What’s the deadline for submission?
13th December 2019.

When will the list be published?
In the first week of January 2020.

What if we want to change information after the deadline?
We will try to respond to requests for changes during December 2019 and January 2020 but can’t guarantee it so your best bet is to submit before the deadline.  After January, no changes will be made to the listings but you can advertise your entry-level opportunities as they arise on our job board.

What happens if we’re on the PR Week 150 2019 list and DON’T submit information on our entry-level opportunities to PRcareers.co.uk?
We will take relevant information from your website and social media but to ensure the info we list is accurate, we strongly recommend that you submit the information to us.

How else can we advertise our PR roles on PRcareers?
You can advertise all your PR vacancies, from entry-level to the most senior roles, on the job board for just £50 per month.